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  • The Holiday Season

    Are you ready for the Holiday Season?

    Many people find the last couple of months of the year to be a challenging time. A variety of stressors can contribute to this: increased financial demand (due to socializing, gift buying, unexpected expenses, higher utility bills; travel costs); weather conditions; unrealistic or unachievable expectations; relationship difficulties; shorter daylight hours; transportation hassles; end-of-year deadlines; changes to eating patterns; drinking alcohol (and use of other substances); and lack of exercise.

    Why not try something different this year? You still have plenty of time.

    Begin by considering what you like about the Holiday Season. Then consider what you find least enjoyable about the Holiday Season. Make a list of both. Once you have completed your lists, choose one thing to change. Perhaps you want to have more time off work; spend more time with your family; savour the celebratory food you plan to eat; or play outside. You may also want to avoid weight gain, family conflict, or overwhelming credit card bills in the New Year.

    Once you have decided what to change, develop a realistic plan to achieve your goal and write it down. Don’t forget to check off your milestones as the Holiday Season progresses!

    Remember if you would like some help navigating the Holiday Season, Katherine or Corrick would be pleased to assist you. Contact us today.

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