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    We know engaging with a new psychologist, or starting therapy, can be daunting.

    We know that you may have questions to ask or, perhaps, you’d like to know what it’s like to speak with us.

    To address these needs, we offer a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation, with either Corrick or Katherine.

    Reach out to one us of today!

    How will my first session go?

    Our initial contact will likely be by telephone or email to set-up an appointment.

    Once we have agreed on an appointment time, you will be sent 2 emails. One email is from our practice management software, which confirms your appointment day and time and the unique link to your first session. The second email will come directly from your psychologist and provides detailed information about fees, payment, setting up for a successful session, and our encrypted intake forms. Please complete and submit your intake form prior to your scheduled session start time.

    We ask that you enter your video session no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time, as earlier entry seems to disrupt the sound and video syncing on our video platform.

    During the first session your psychologist will introduce themselves, confirm your identity, review the forms you submitted, and ensure you understand what happens to the information you share with us.

    Your psychologist will also invite you to share any concerns you may have, ask you some questions about your current mood state and level of functioning, and your reasons for seeking therapy.

    From this point on, you and your psychologist will work together to identify and clarify your therapy goals, which will serve as the basis of your treatment plan.

    It is important to note that while you and your psychologist will both determine the direction of sessions, the pace and focus will be set by you.


    Your psychologist may offer suggestions and provide professional insight.

    Your psychologist may introduce tasks for you to complete outside of session, which will assist you to gather additional information, develop your personal insight, and/or allow you to practice the techniques introduced during the initial session.

    Towards the end of the initial session, you will review the process of the session, discuss meeting again, and process payment.

    Let's work together

    Our clients often ask – how long will it take? They wonder, how many sessions will I need to achieve my therapy goals? How often do we have to meet to achieve my goals?

    The majority of our clients report observable, positive change after 1-3 sessions. A few of our clients are satisfied at this point, but most of our clients choose to continue until they have achieved and sustained the change they desire. Often, our clients achieve their goals within 10 – 20 sessions, depending on the complexity of their situation and the goals they are trying to achieve. As our service does not have a session limit, many of our client’s choose to continue working with us on a “check in basis”.

    At the beginning of therapy, we generally plan to meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and then increase the time between sessions when you begin to realize the gains of your investment in therapy.

    If you choose to have more than one therapy session with us, you will be invited to present items to discuss, review work completed outside of session, and continue to address and refine your counselling goals, leading to the development of your treatment plan.

    Together, you and your psychologist will determine the duration of therapy.

    Have we worked together before? If so, please get in touch, we welcome returning clients as well as new clients.