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    Making the world a better place - one person at a time.

    We are a dedicated online-psychological practice providing 1:1 therapy for adults in Alberta, Canada.

    Our name reflects who we are and our approach.

    At Now in Colour, we focus on helping our clients navigate the here-and-now of life. Of course, the past and the future areimportant, but we are always in the present – Now.

    Being creative people ourselves, we enjoy colour. Colour also represents the full spectrum of human experience and can convey change.

    Professionally, we are psychologists. Psychologists are extensively trained mental health professionals, who are accountable to the public. Psychologists differ from other mental health providers in their scope of practice, intensity of training, use of evidence-based treatment and adherence to a code of ethics that promotes dignity and fair treatment. We do not prescribe medication.

    The combination of these elements, and noticing the wording on a book cover, led to the naming of our practice:

    Now in Colour Psychological Services.

    About Now in Colour

    Diversity, equality, and inclusion are woven into the fabric of our business and our practice, from our personal identities and histories; to the co-leadership structure of our business and practice; to our open invitation to ALL adults seeking our services. These values are fundamental to our worldview.

    Our treatment team consists of experienced Clinical Psychologists, who use evidence-based practices to guide their interventions for a wide range of common concerns.

    Our areas of specialization include: anxiety disorders; insomnia (sleep difficulties); body-focused repetitive behaviours (i.e, hair-pulling, skin-picking); life transitions; burn-out; perfectionism; people pleasing; decision making; confidence and assertiveness; and developing and enhancing creative potential.

    At Now in Colour, our commitment is to help you manage your challenges and to uncover, explore, and positively develop your potential.

    To extend our reach beyond Alberta, Now in Colour has launched a series of digital self-help tools and learning resources. Check out the Self-Help page on this website or visit Dr. Corrick on YouTube.

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