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  • Insomnia

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    Are you struggling with your sleep?

    Many adults have difficulties with their sleep, which can be short-term or long lasting. You might struggle to get to sleep, wake-up frequently, or feel like you haven’t slept – even though you just woke up.

    The impact of sleep loss can be devastating. Many of our clients seek us out because of the negative impact sleep loss has on their cognitive functioning: thinking is slower, concentration is non-existent, and they are less able to manage their emotions. Have you noticed that you’re less co-ordinated when you’ve lost sleep? You may even fall asleep unexpectedly, which can be hazardous to you and others – particularly if you experience micro-sleeps when you are driving. Sleep loss can be a significant contributing factor to the onset of burn-out and relationship difficulties.

    If you are loosing sleep, it doesn’t take long before worry and anxiety about sleep set in. While this is our brain’s natural response to a threatening situation, worry and fear do not promote sleep. If this sounds like what you’re experiencing, you may be suffering from Insomnia.

    The Canadian Psychological Association defines Insomnia as “persistent trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep that affects daytime functioning or causes distress.”

    While sleep difficulties are common amongst Canadian adults, these difficulties can significantly detract from your quality of life, performance, and can precipitate the onset of physical and mental health issues.

    There is hope!

    At Now in Colour we offer effective psychological treatment to improve your sleep quality and experience – without medication.

    Ms. Katherine Schurer is our sleep specialist. Katherine is an experienced CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia) provider. Her approach includes identifying contributing factors to poor quality sleep (ie, behaviours, thoughts, feelings, life situations, habits, environment, and more), and then she will systematically work with you to clarify and achieve your sleep improvement goals. This work can also include reducing or eliminating the use of sleeping medication.

    Katherine has helped many people realize their goals of going to sleep, staying asleep, and waking-up feeling rested. She delights in the experience of her clients who are able to change their lives – by sleeping!

    If you’re ready for better sleep – contact Katherine today – and begin your journey to restful, restorative, and consistent sleep.