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  • Self-Help Tools

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    We’re on a Mission – We want to provide you with high quality self-help tools that can help you to manage the pressures of modern life, in an achievable way. Let’s do it together, one recording at a time!

    ***Important: these self-help tools are not a replacement for therapy, nor will they offer the same experience, or outcomes as engaging in therapy with a Registered Psychologist. Please request an appointment if you are concerned about your mental health, we would be pleased to speak with you.

    BFRB Unwind

    40 powerful minutes to help you redefine the role of your hands. This audio tool includes breathing and progressive muscle relaxation exercises, with mediative music, and guided imagery. Targeted specifically to help reduce hair-pulling and skin-picking episodes.

    10 Sonnet Sleep

    A gentle, but effective, transition from wakefulness towards a deep and peaceful sleep. 10 Sonnet Sleep combines exercises to reduce tension, soporific music, and 10 of Shakespeare’s Sonnets – helping you to move from the busyness of the day, to a restfulnight of sleep.

    10 Sonnet Sleep - Extended

    Drift into a relaxing sleep that gradually deepens over the span of 3 hours, using proven techniques to bring your mind and body into a peaceful and well-deserved night’s rest.

    Prairie Rain

    Develop present-moment awareness by listening to the mutli-layered sounds of a prairie rainstorm, engaging your attention and increasing your concentration when you need it most.