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  • Give the Gift of Mental Health: 5 Present Ideas

    The holidays are just around the corner, and many of us are struggling to come up with gift ideas for our friends and family. With so many people dealing with stress and anxiety these days, brought on by a range of factors, such as, inflation, layoffs, climate change, and their own personal stressors, the best gift you can give this season is the gift of mental health.

    With this in mind, here are some very thoughtful, practical and creative gifts ideas for loved ones who may be struggling with stress or anxiety:

    1. Weighted Blankets

    Weighted blankets have been shown to decrease a person’s anxiety. The weight of the blanket applies gentle pressure to the body, eliciting the same response as a hug or cuddle. Some people also find these blankets helpful to improve their sleep.

    2. Art Supplies

    Some people, adults and children alike, have a hard time expressing how they feel through language. But expression through art helps people get their feelings out. With this in mind, consider

    gifting your loved one something to help them tap into their creative side. It could be a paint set, adult coloring book, or modeling clay. Creating art can have a meditative and calming effect as well.

    3. Journal

    Some people need to write things down in order to process them. You can find really nice journals for under $20 for that person in your life who is introspective and needs to get those thoughts, feelings and ideas onto paper.

    4. Mindful-Meditation Subscription

    Practicing mindfulness and meditation has been shown to provide mental, physical and emotional benefits, but it can be hard to get started with the practice. Help your loved one develop their self-care with a subscription to a meditation or mindfulness app.

    5. Digital Self-Help Audio Tool

    Have you checked out the self-help page on our website? We’ve created audio tool to help people cope with the pressures of modern life and develop coping strategies for difficulties with sleep, hair pulling, and skin picking.

    While it’s thoughtful and caring support other people’s mental health, what about your own? If

    you would like to explore therapy with a Registered Psychologist, please reach out to us. Sometimes talking to someone can really make all the difference.


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