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  • Healthy Back-to-School Snacks

    It’s always a bit sad to say goodbye to the lazy-hazy-crazy days of summertime fun. But fall is quickly approaching and kids are headed back to school. Soon they’ll be jumping off the school bus and running in the house yelling for a snack.

    To be sure you are giving them healthy snacks that will fuel their brains so they can complete their homework, you’ll want to stay away from processed foods that are laden with refined sugars and trans-fats.

    Here are some healthy snack ideas to give a try:


    Fruit Kabobs

    Kids love fruit, and they love when that fruit is spiked onto a kebab stick. With a healthy yogurt dip drizzled in honey on the side, these fruit kebabs are sure to be a hit!

    Smiley Face Rice Cakes

    Younger kids will really love this. You simply take a rice cake, spread the top with peanut butter, then use bits of cereal and fruit (blueberries work great) to create a face with hair. Even picky eaters are sure to gobble up this snack.

    Celery Boats

    This is a healthy snack kids never seem to get bored with. Cut celery sticks into smaller lengths, then fill the middle with either peanut butter or cream cheese or even cottage cheese. Whatever your little ones prefer. You can then sprinkle on some raisins, trail mix or crushed pretzels on top.

    Meat and Cheese Roll Ups

    When it comes to fueling your kids, you really can’t beat protein! Get your local deli to thinly slice your kid’s favorite meat and cheese. Then you can take a piece of the cheese, lay a slice or two of the meat inside, then a few thinly sliced pieces of apple and roll.

    Veggies and Hummus

    You can easily replace chips and dip with healthy hummus and veggies. Kids typically love to dip carrots, celery and snap peas into delicious hummus.

    Healthy snacks lead to healthy kids! Have a great school year!


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