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Our clients often wonder what it will be like to meet with us. We have provided a basic description here, but invite you to contact us directly regarding any specific questions.

Our initial contact will likely be via telephone or email to set-up an appointment. We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your first session to give you time to review and complete the required paperwork. During the first session your psychologist will introduce themselves, review your paperwork, and ensure you understand what happens to the information you share with us. Your psychologist/therapist will also invite you to share your concerns, and if you feel comfortable doing so, your reason for seeking counselling.

From this point on, you and your psychologist/therapist will work together to identify and clarify your counselling goals. It is important to note that while you both determine the direction of sessions together, the pace and focus will be set by you. Your psychologist/therapist may offer suggestions and provide professional insight. They may discuss tasks for you to complete outside of sessions, which will assist you both to gather additional information, develop your personal insight, and allow you to practice the techniques introduced during sessions. Towards the end of each session, you will both review the work, discuss meeting again, and process payment. In subsequent sessions, you will be invited to present items to discuss, review work completed outside of session, and continue to address and refine your counselling goals. Together, you and your psychologist/therapist will determine the duration of therapy.



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