Katherine’s Philosophy

katherine_schurer-8red-fragment  Katherine’s Philosophy

The foundation of my training in psychology was Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Through the course of my career, I have gained experience in a variety of techniques and theories. As such, my approach and theoretical orientation to counselling and psychological intervention is “eclectic”, which means that I adapt and draw from a number of orientations to suit the unique nature of each problem and each individual.

I welcome individual differences and diversity in my practice. I believe that my training and experience have provided me with the resources to approach a variety of situations and difficulties in an effective and efficient manner.

I believe therapy works best when it is collaborative, that is, you and I openly discuss your challenges, and the process of therapy, so that we can best meet your individual needs and goals.

My areas of theoretical interest include: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; mindfulness; personality assessment and theory; career assessment and theory; Solution Focused Therapy; Motivational Interviewing; Positive Psychology; supervisory theory; and cross-cultural research, practice, and theory.











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