For Couples

orange-fragmentCouple’s Counselling

Provided by Dr. Shirley Winlaw-Tierney, Registered Psychologist

Here’s what Shirley has to say about the couple’s counselling she provides:

One of the most wonderful experiences in life is to be in a loving and nurturing relationship.  When you make an intimate connection with someone, you just know that it will be the most important relationship in your life.  You and your partner are going to be committed for the long-term and you will be each other’s best friend.

But what do you do when it doesn’t work out that way?  What if you are feeling lonely, anxious, or depressed?  What if you feel sad, frustrated, or angry?  None of these are feelings that you expected to have in your relationship.  Sometimes you may even feel that the whole situation is hopeless.

At times like these, it is appropriate to seek professional help because your relationship does not have to be this way.  It is possible to find those lost feelings of love.canstockphoto6554260

You can learn to communicate so that you feel valued.

You can learn to understand your own needs and how to express them.

You can learn to trust each other.

You can learn to let down your barriers and become affectionate together and improve your sex life.

You can learn to value and appreciate your differences.

And ultimately, you can become each other’s best friend and have fun together.

Typically, couple counselling runs over 10-12 sessions.  Each session is 60 – 70 minutes in length.  And there will be homework so that you can practice what you learn between sessions.

Life is so much richer when you journey together in love.

Please contact Shirley for more information or to book a session. She can be reached at (403) 585- 9740 or visit her website at